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  Our professional team continually strives to make your moving experience with us as seamless as possible. We offer the most reliable moving services in Mountain View. We do everything to ensure our customers get their items completely safe. From moving you across town to across the country, know that we have got your back!

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Commercial Moves

Our team of mountain view movers handle businesses of all sizes. They make sure that your moving is done in the most organized way that minimizes your downtime. Our services are budget-friendly, licensed, and top-rated in the mountain view area.

Residential Moves

Our customers are our #1 priority. So sit back and relax while we handle packaging and moving all of your belongings with the utmost care. Our crew has well-trained movers who ensure that all of your important belongings are kept safe during the transition.

Long Distance Moves

Long Distance moves can be particularly daunting. They require long-term planning and are hard to manage. Therefore, our expert team makes sure that your long-distance move is pocket-friendly and trouble-free.

Packing & Unpacking

We realize what a pain packing and unpacking can be for all of us. But don’t fret, as we offer a quick and easy solution for this. Our team will manage this whole stressful process for you while ensuring that your belongings remain undamaged during the shipment.

Pickups & Hauloffs

We offer eco-friendly junk removal services. We will separate and haul away all the unwanted household junk for you. Our experienced team members know how and where to get rid of all of this junk. We will provide our own trucks for this service.

Valuable Moves

You can completely trust us with your valuables move. We will use advanced techniques to make sure of a secure transition. Our staff will take care of your stuff like their own.

Piano Moves

Piano moving is quite a delicate process. It requires extreme care and consideration. Hence our professional team is here to make this difficult task easy for you. We will definitely take care of your piano with great care. 

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How It Works

We all know that moving is one of the hardest and nerve-wracking task that we ever have to do. It requires a lot of time and stamina. Therefore, we at MCMV makes sure that this moving process is completely stress-free and efficient for you.

Get an Estimate

Getting a free estimate is not only convenient but also very helpful in letting you decide the moving services you will need. It will give you a good idea about the price, procedure, and estimated time to complete your move.

Plan Your Move

Planning your move is really important in order to get things done on time. Try to make a to-do-list for this, it will help you keep your moving tasks on track. Hiring a moving company before due time might get you a discount too.

Schedule Your Move

Schedule your move beforehand. Try to dedicate each day for one moving task ideally two-four weeks before your move. But more importantly, stick to your schedule. This will help you finish your pre-move tasks on time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our customers satisfaction is our utmost priority. We have been providing client-centric and licensed services in the Mountain View for the past 10 years. To make things more legitimate for our clients, we provide a money-back guarantee for our services.

I had a wonderful experience using their services. They provided quick and customized services for my daughter’s move across the town.

– Kim Beesly

They have a wonderful team of professional movers. It took them less than two hours to completely pack our house. Definitely recommend them.

– John Cooper

They took great care of my antique collection. Really satisfied and happy with the service they provide. Thumbs up for all of the guys who took care of my stuff.

– Mona Leigh

How do I speed up my moving process?
Start by scheduling things ahead of moving day to save ample time. Organize your items strategically as it will help our team members identify fragile and non-fragile items which will fasten up the whole packaging process. Our crew will fully facilitate all movers by helping them move out and settle into the new locations quickly and easily.
What is meant by an order of service?
The order of service is a document that includes the estimated moving cost and charges of any special or extra services. We provide you with a copy of this document prior to the start of your move. However, it’s not a contract just a document that authorizes the shipment of your possessions and highlights all costs.
How does MCMV calculate their shipment cost?
If you are moving to a different place but within the city, then the shipment charges mostly depend on the weight of your belongings. But, if you move across the state, then the shipment cost is measured by the in-between distance of your old and new place.
Do I need to load all the boxes in the moving truck on my own?
No, our movers are responsible for loading all your stuff and will do all of the heavy-lifting for you.
Do I have to be present throughout my move?
It’s totally your choice, however, constant supervision is not required. All you need to do is give complete instructions to the moving manager and leave if you want to.
When is the best time to get the cheapest moving rates?
Although, our rates don’t vary much but avoid scheduling relocations in summer to avail cheapest moving rates in other seasons.
Should I include valuable items like jewellery in my shipment?
Jewelry can be included in shipments but movers need to be informed beforehand. If our team is not informed about the inclusion of valuable items in the shipment, then he will bear no responsibility for it.
Do you offer protection for items lost or damaged during shipment?
Yes, we claim full responsibility for the protection and safety of your belongings.
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