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Mountain View Moving is a top-rated local moving company in Mountain View that puts hard-work and consideration into every move. We truly care about our customers and try our best to make our moving services fully-customized to our customer’s needs and budget.


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Moving can be really time-consuming and stressful. Allow our professional movers to pack, move and unpack your house efficiently.

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Get a free estimate of your moving services now by using our online tool. This will surely help you in determining the cost and procedure of your move.

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Planning your move thoroughly is really important. Make a to-do-list to get done with your pre-move tasks. This will help your move to complete on time.

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Scheduling each step of your moving process is really important. It will save you from any last-minute hassle.
How do I find the best moving company?
It’s best that you do your research online and ask people around you. You might come across a number of reputable moving companies but you have to finalize one that matches best to your budget and concerns.
How long will it take to complete my move?
It totally depends on the amount of stuff that you want to move. If you have a bigger house, it will definitely take more time to complete your move compared to a studio or any smaller apartment.
Can I ship my plants along with my other possessions ?
Mostly not, but it depends on the laws of the county you are moving to. Usually, it is not permissible to ship plants along with the other stuff in the shipment truck.
How much moving companies charge?
The cost of your moving depends on the size of your shipment and the distance from your current location to your new home. 
Do you also help in dumping my junk?
Yes, we also provide services for collecting and hauling off the junk from your house. Additional charges may apply for the service.
Do you also offer packaging services?
Yes, we offer complete packaging of your possessions. We use professional and up-to-date packing techniques to make sure that none of your item is damaged or lost during the transition.
Can I ship my pets in the shipment truck ?
Pets are not allowed in the shipment truck. But you may carry them in your family or personal car. 
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