Each year, thousands of US citizens decide to leave California and move to the tech-savvy state of Washington. Moving to Washington is enchanting to new residents for a number of different reasons like its growing technical industry, beautiful scenery and higher employment ratio.

Here, you will get to experience every scenery from snow-covered mountains to lush coastal rain forests and diverse urban areas. This diversity of nature that you find in Washington is difficult to find anywhere else.

 Cost of Living

Washington is a really important state when it comes to the country’s economy. There are a lot of job opportunities here and thousands of people from all around the United States move here for employment opportunities.

It is called the hub of the tech-savvy industries but this benefit comes at a price. Housing costs in Washington are higher than the national average housing costs. But you can find towns and cities that cuts your cost in utilities and other taxes. You have a number of beautiful cities to choose from in Washington but obviously the bigger cities like Seattle will cost you more in terms of housing and other utilities than the smaller cities.


Washington has many top class schools, colleges and universities. As more than 70% of the citizens are educated here, the qualities of educational institutes is really good.

There are both public and private universities in Washington which include Washington State University, University of Washington, Easter Washington University and many more. Many of these educational institutes offer scholarships and other educational assistance to the residents of Washington. Apart from this, the tuition fee in public colleges and universities is reduced by 15%-20% exclusively in Washington.


Excellent Job Opportunities

Washington and in particular Seattle is home to the biggest tech-giants of the world including Google, Microsoft, Amazon and so on. It also has a thrilling manufacturing sector among which aerospace companies dominate this region. The Boeing Company and Alaska Airline have a dominating presence in Washington. The largest aircraft assembling plant of the United States is in Everett, which is just north to Seattle.

Apart from this, other industries like transportation, agriculture and fishing also contribute greatly in providing employment opportunities to the residents of Washington.

Tax and Public Policy

If you are moving to Washing from California, you are up for wonderful surprises. Washington residents do not have to pay income tax. This is a very pleasant surprise for most of the Californians as California has the highest taxes in the United Sates.

However, you do have to pay a slightly higher sales tax in Washington but it also vary from county to county. It also has the highest minimum wage rates in United States, so that will probably compensate for higher sales tax.


Washington has a much colder weather than the Golden State, so it requires some adjustments from the new movers to settle in the cold weather of Washington. However, Washington does have an array of different climates. Typically, the summers are short and relatively dry in which the average weather is about 75 degree Fahrenheit. Winters are typically cloudy with an average temperature of 40 degree Fahrenheit.

The eastern side of Washington experience a humid continental weather. You will enjoy more sunny days on this side of the state.

Outdoor Activities

With its exceptionally beautiful landscape of rivers, mountains and coastlines, Washington really is a heaven for travelers. Tourists from all across the United States come here to climb the snow-capped mountains and to visit the beautiful lakes and sceneries around it.

There are also a number of different national parks and forests in Washington that attracts visitors from all over the country. In winters, there are skiing resorts which are filled by the skiing enthusiasts.

There are also numerous opportunities of kayaking, fishing, sailing and whale watching in Washington.

Advice for Moving From California to Washington

  • It rains a lot in Washington so pack your stuff properly with the bubble wrap or other protective material so that it doesn’t get damaged in the rain.
  • Start your job hunt as soon as possible. Housing is expensive in Washington, so it will be difficult to manage the expenses without a job.
  • If you find a suitable house/apartment during your house hunt, take it. It is difficult to find your dream house at a reasonable price in this big city.
  • Keep an eye on your budget closely until you get familiar with the new city
  • Stock up on a lot of warm clothes to help you get through your first winters in Washington.
  • Keep some vitamins with you to keep the winter blues away.

Moving Cost from California to Washington

Moving costs will vary depending on the weight of your belongings and the distance you are moving. Apart from this, special services like packing-unpacking, shipment conditions and the handling requirements will also add up to your closing costs.

Moving costs will also mainly depend on the moving company you choose. It is important that you compare the prices and packages of moving companies in your neighborhood so that you can get the most reasonable price for your moving services.