A change is due, move to Mountain View!


 When we continue to experience disruptions and life upheavals, whether in our careers, relationships, finances, etc. we know a change of pace in life is necessary. This path may be a rocky road and hard to walk on. But don’t let it deter you, as it is but an invitation to a fresh start and new beginnings! 

Midlife crises like the ones mentioned above are often but not tell-tale signs that the time is ripe for you to move on to a new location.

While choosing, consider places based on how well they fare in providing for citizens in categories such as physical and emotional well-being, community and environment well-fare, employment, and income statuses.

After adding up your results, your new location is more likely to end up being – a tech place! 



One such place to consider is the Mountain View City in Santa Clara County located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

As one of the major cities of Silicon Valley, tech workers and families flock to Mountain View for its public transit and potential career prospects. The city is well-known for making the daily commute of job-workers in California easier. By offering a short drive to work in places like Redwood City, Sunny Vale, Cupertino, etc., citizens have access to high paying jobs in major companies and start-ups. 

Famous companies such as Facebook, Google, and Apple are all located nearby with amazing work opportunities. At Mountain View, you’re more likely to wind-up in a prestigious company that appreciates your skills and nurtures your development. 

Aside from being a nerd-tech nirvana, the city is also a well-known haven for gastronomy. Housing an eclectic mix of various museums and a diverse range of restaurants, Mountain View seems to have it all. Restaurants, bookstores, and parks are found abundantly all over the city. Furthermore, the farmer’s market, summer festivals, shoreline Amphitheatre, and performing art centers together form one of the best parts of living in this area.

Despite being smaller than the neighboring mega-cities; San Jose or San Francisco, the area has the urban feel of a city matched with the perfect mix and alluring blend of all things California.

Additionally, if you’re a tech wiz then Mountain View is the perfect place to get your business off the ground or remain up-to-date with the latest innovations. Besides major companies offering jobs, the area is always filled with business and start-ups breaking into the industry. It is the place to be if you are into tech.

No doubt, Silicon Valley is one of the highest-priced places in the real estate market. So it comes with no surprise, that establishing a life in Mountain View is indeed an expensive task. San Jose and San Francisco have been widely affected by price hikes of the Silicon Valley. According to Zillow, the median value of a house located within San Francisco is $1.1 million. Despite having high annual incomes, tech-workers also face the same problem of paying this amount as the other lower-income job workers such as clerks and teachers, etc. 

However, the cost of living in Mountain View is the only downside or limitation anyone can ever relate to since the city has much to offer. And, you can try working your way around this by going for rent instead.