Moving to a new town or city is a big step in our lives and we need to be prepared to take on huge challenges in the process. Some of us are lucky to be moving to a not-so-alien place: our hometown. Here are some dos and don’ts you should keep in mind while planning your big move.

Don’t fear the stigma – moving back doesn’t mean you failed!

A lot of people think that moving back to your hometown means that you’re a failure who couldn’t “hack it in the city”. Well, that stigma is decreasing now-because it isn’t true! Some people simply cannot adjust to busy city life for a lot of other reasons, or they might just feel more comfortable in the familiar surroundings they grew up in. And that isn’t something to be shy of. Who says moving to a new city is the only criteria for success?

Do make new friends, there could be amazing people out there who you never got the chance to meet!

While sticking to your old friends might seem like a good idea, moving back doesn’t mean that everything around you must stay the same. There could be a lot of people new in town who might just be your type. Moving back home does have its own charm of being able to reconnect with old friends, but why limit yourself when you can meet new people out there who could make living in the same place feel like a new experience. After all, it’s the people around you that truly make you feel at home. Of course, it’ll initially mean a lot of small talk, but who knows? That doesn’t have to be for too long until you get down to real conversations with your new best friend!

Don’t forget that you’re moving back to YOUR hometown, it doesn’t mean its not new for your family

You need to remember that if you moved out before you got married, your spouse and children will probably not be acquainted with the area, and it will be a new town for them. Don’t forget that this a new experience for them and this place is alien to them. Try to familiarize them with your town before moving back, so that they feel more comfortable eventually. Making new friends might help them feel more at ease because you’ll be in the same boat as them, and they won’t feel as alienated. And remember not to be impatient as they try to acclimatize to the new surroundings. This might mean that even mean that they have an unbiased opinion about certain places/aspects that hold great sentimental value for you.

Do explore new areas in your city, a lot could have changed while you were away, and this is your chance to make moving back a whole new experience!

Shifting to a new town/city is extremely stressful, emotionally and mentally, so let some of that burden off your shoulders. Hire a reliable moving company so that you don’t need to worry about your belongings and the safety of their transportation. Professional movers such as Mountain View Moving Company can ensure that your moving process is as smooth and stress free as possible. At a time like this, you should be worrying about your family and what you’ll do when you get there. The time between now and then should not be your stress!

Also don’t forget that there are laws in certain states in the United States regarding moving companies. For example, in Mountain view, you must hire licensed movers. Luckily, Mountain View Moving Company is licensed so that’s one more thing off your shoulders!

Do hire a reliable moving company – this is one part no one should mess up when moving cities!

While a pretty image may have frozen in your mind while you were away from your town, things back home do keep on changing. Don’t let it startle you, instead set out on an adventure. Explore new places, familiarize yourself with them now that you’re back in town. It just means that there’s a lot more places to make new memories in. There might be a new coffee shop that’s the talk of the town, or your favorite salon might have closed. Don’t hesitate to walk into a new bookstore and introduce yourself: after all, you live here now!

Do reconnect with your family – it’s half the reason you’re here anyway. Don’t waste this beautiful opportunity to get closer

While living away from home may have seemed like an absolute dream growing up, now that you live in a different city, you realize how much you miss it, and mostly for one reason: family. Those are the people who made you familiar to the sights, sounds, and smells of the place. And coming back home means you’re one of the lucky few who got to experience family and home up close, even in adulthood. Don’t be shy to reconnect with your parents in their aged years, and with that funny aunt who has all the fresh gossip in town.

However, it is very important to set boundaries at the beginning so that your spouse and children get the personal space that they deserve. Family can be a little too much, and so little rules can go a long way in not invading your privacy. Set up a weekly lunch tradition so that you set a bar that you can manage and ask them to call before coming over so that they’re not interrupting any personal plans.

Do revisit your favorite spots – and make sure to take your family along!

Growing up, we all had our favourite hang out spots, be it an ice cream parlor where you and your friends would hang out after school, or park you took your dog to for a walk. Now that you’re back home, why not revisit these spots that are still there give your spouse and children a chance to make new memories there too! It’ll help settling back in feel a lot easier, and that’s one perk of moving back that shouldn’t go to waste.

Do reach out to old friends before moving back

Don’t hesitate to reconnect with friends you haven’t talked to in years; now that you’re back you’re going to want to spend a lot of time with them. And while a lot of things might have changed in your hometown, your childhood friends always stay the same! Try to call them up before moving back and catch up with their lives. Have they gotten married? Are they doing their dream job now? Do they have any kids? It might help you get acquainted to any changes in their lives before you meet them which could make you feel less anxious. Above all, they could help you with house hunting since they’d know the neighborhoods better, or help you apply to new jobs. In short: they can make moving a lot easier than you think! Once you’ve moved back, throw a dinner and invite any new significant others, and this will be the perfect opportunity to make up for all those missed years.

Don’t let moving back overwhelm you- be sure to plan ahead!

Just like moving to a new city, moving back to your hometown can be an overwhelming experience, and for a whole lot of other reasons too. Don’t get to scared if coming back isn’t what you expected it to be like, and don’t take things too easy just because you’re moving back to a familiar place. Be smart and plan ahead of time so that you’re not met with any unpleasant surprises. Plan out all the logistical and financial arrangements before hand because prices could’ve hiked a lot more than you think, and you don’t want this to be an added burden on your mind during the moving process.

Moving between cities is never easy, but with the right about preparation and planning nothing is too difficult. And when it’s your hometown there’s a whole bunch of people back home who can make settling back very comfortable and stress free. So don’t hesitate to reach out for help!